Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is one of the largest comedy festivals in the world. Monkii is the sole digital partner of the festival – a partnership which began eight years ago.

The festival attracts over 300 shows and over 500,000 attendees each year. Each show producer has access to update the site, and each attendee can buy tickets through the website.

The Monkii solution
Monkii developed a website which allows both festival administrators and comedians to make real time updates to show details, news, videos and audio as the season progresses. Updates are automatically pushed to other properties including a media centre and an iPhone app.

Those wanting to have a laugh can conduct searches for shows by name, date or location, or browse the events calendar. Rich content is beautifully presented and popular with people searching for further information. Tickets can be booked online through an easy-to-use system integrated with Ticketmaster’s API. We’re pleased to report sales of tickets through the site have doubled over the past two years.

The result
The Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s website is their most important tool in driving sales and marketing activities. Monkii helps the festival grow these areas and continues to innovate with new digital features and ideas.

220% increase in ticket sales over a period of four years
140% increase in site traffic
5,000+ Facebook likes
+33% organic search ranking